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Paramount Die Company is reporting today that the COVID-19 related restrictions are still not materially impacting Paramount’s ability to supply.  Although the COVID-19 situation is changing on a daily basis, Paramount’s very large die inventory should allow uninterrupted supply for 2-6 months of demand.  This combined with creative methods for maintaining mission critical raw materials supply, have enabled the continued production and distribution of Paramount products.

Over the last week, Governors of several states have issued business operations limitations, allowing only those businesses deemed to be part of critical industries to continue operations.  Many of Paramount’s customers in the Critical Manufacturing and/or Healthcare sectors, have identified Paramount products to be critical to their operations.  Therefore, Paramount has determined that as such, these will not impact die production, but these may impact Paramount’s suppliers.  One such supplier (A coating supplier) recently announced a temporary facility closure, but this stoppage will have very limited impact on Paramount products.  

As this situation continues to change, Paramount will continue to assess/communicate developments and comply with all Federal, State and Local requirements. Although predicting every eventuality of this continuously changing global event is not possible, the company is taking all precautions to maintain supply of high quality wire drawing dies to the global market.  Paramount will continue to monitor the situation and will continue to communicate updates, as they become available.

If there are any additional information needs, please visit or contact Paramount directly at or (410)272-4600.

Paramount Showcasing New Die Technologies at Wire South America 2019

Paramount Die has finalized a number of new and expanded technologies that will be showcased at the upcoming Wire South America trade fair. For decades, PDC has been recognized as a leader in manufacturing of high quality wire drawing dies and innovative product development. This market position is reinforced with the new and expanded product segments.

Paramount Die is now supplying wire drawing systems for drawing large diameters in difficult applications. The product offerings include insert systems to draw up to 15.25 mm and cased round dies to draw up to 76 mm.

Shape dies are also included in the rollout of expanded products including: hexagon, square, rectangle, ovate, lock and many other shape die options. Highly precise measuring equipment assures critical geometries. Shape dies are available in up to a 228 mm case sizes. ParaLoc© pressure systems are also available for various shape dies to promote lubrication flow.

Finally, Paramount has perfected the art of shaving wire with its new wire shaving dies. Available in both insert and cased options, coated and uncoated and with a wide array of geometries, these shaving dies can be tailored to achieve any shaving requirement. 

All of these technologies will add significant value to wire drawers and are available for testing by contacting Paramount Die.

Paramount Die awaits you at Booth No. 712 from October 1 to 3.

Interwire 2019

Paramount Die is the world’s largest supplier of carbide wire dies to the global wire drawing industry, and a market leader in the delivery of high quality dies and advanced drawing die technology. Long known as an industry innovator, Paramount has introduced several products which have become wire industry standards or best practices, and Paramount continues to innovate today. Higher drawing speeds, better wire quality and improved wire mill productivity have all been aided by Paramount’s cutting edge technologies.

One such innovation is the world renowned ParaLoc™ pressure system; the most widely used pressure die system in the world. ParaLoc™ pressure systems deliver higher drawing performance while also promoting sustainability by allowing customers to return and responsibly recycle their used inserts which are then reprocessed through Paramount’s automated reclamation system. A more recent innovation is Paramount’s new ParaLoc™-S; a pressure system designed to fit into smaller spaces. This allows customers to use a fully functioning pressure system in smaller dieboxes and will open the benefits of the ParaLoc™ pressure systems to older drawing lines.

Paramount has long been recognized as a premier supplier of dies, and is growing leadership in the development of shaped dies. Currently, work is being performed to develop new shaped die technologies which combine Paramount’s world-class geometry and quality with innovative shaped die designs. The same commitment and science that made Paramount an industry standard, is being applied to the design and manufacture of shaped dies. With the technical advancements and world class quality, Paramount can provide a die solution for any die need, and deliver higher value to all shaped wire producers.

Paramount is continually searching for new technologies that will enable wire drawers to further improve their processes, products and profitability. All of these factors allow Paramount to deliver the very highest quality wire dies to wire drawers across the globe at an extremely competitive price point. With an eye toward the future, Paramount continues to improve die quality and develop new technologies to maximize the value returned to our customers.

About Interwire

Interwire, hosted biannually, is the largest wire and cable trade fair held in the Americas. Organized by WAI, this event is geared toward exchanging information, debuting new machinery, and allowing opportunities for international networking.

Paramount Die will focus on helping your organization improve efficiency and reduce costs through our state-of-the-art wire drawing die insert system.

Come and visit us during the show, located at booth #1539.

Dates: May 13th-16th (Exhibits open 14th-16th) 2019

Location: Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Exhibit Hours: 

10:00 AM – 05:00 PM (Tuesday and Wednesday)

10:00 AM – 03:00 PM (Thursday)

Rich Sarver, president and CEO of Paramount Die, right, celebrating his company's 50th anniversary with Friedrich Kehrer, global portfolio director metals and flow technologies at Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, at wire 2018 earlier this year

In 1968, two brothers pulled together $750, bought a few manual die lapping machines and setup shop in a shed behind their parent’s house.

The company they founded, Paramount Die Company, is now the world’s largest supplier of finished carbide wire drawing dies. Establishing itself as the global market leader, Paramount has introduced several of the wire industries most groundbreaking innovations.

One of its biggest innovations, the wire drawing die insert, has become the global standard. Significantly reducing the shipping cost of dies and making the manufacturing of dies easier to automate, the wire drawing insert has led to transformational change in the Wire Industry. No longer constrained by internal die shops or the need for local supply, wire drawers can now procure highly advanced and optimized wire dies from global die experts.

In half a century, Paramount has evolved from a start-up operation to an industry leader and to this day still maintains the culture of innovation that inspired its original success.

In 1992, the current owner and President of Paramount Die Company, Rich Sarver, took the lead. Working within his company, Mr. Sarver has transformed Paramount from a regional die company, to the global and dynamic organization it is today.

In the early 1990’s Paramount developed one of the most recognizable technologies in wire drawing – the ParaLoc© pressure system. This innovation improved the wire drawing process by increasing lubrication and reducing drawing temperatures. ParaLoc© made higher line speeds and drawing higher tensile materials, possible.

Paramount is not stopping, moving into the future with even greater advancements in material science and metrology. With advanced coatings, grade developments and geometric optimization, Paramount is developing the technologies which will once again move the wire drawing die industry. Paramount is setting the stage to continue on as the wire industry’s die market leader for another 50 years and more.